Gariwald: Ghosts Just Wanna Dance

Garugg the Ugg Ugg: It's Your Birthday

Garinna: Cool in the Cold

Gary 3000: The Party Starts Now


Best Day Ever: If you have been wonderin'

What happened after all our parties' end, oh-ohhh

We'll tell you first hand *clap clap*

Just when things were going well

Our lucky streak suddenly fell, oh-ohhh

Here's how it all went down. *clap clap*


Ghosts Just Wanna Dance: After the night of Halloween

Club Penguin lost its black and green

As the sun drew near, my mansion disappeared

It went away but forgot me!

Who knows where that darn mansion went

I had just recently played rent!

I guess now I'm stuck in CP

But it seems no one here sees me

Woah-oh-oh-oh-oh, I have been robbed!

Ghost for hire, I need a job!


It's Your Birthday: I found some dino puffle eggs

Realized they were at stake, at stake

So I called my relative Gary

A billion years later

He sent help, time machines packed

At first I was grateful, grateful

But ever since they all went back, went back

Life's been so dull

I didn't give permission for you to take them all

I'm starting to regret ever making that call

Puffles no longer exist, fine, then have it your way

In a billion years, you'll pay!

In many years you'll pay!!


Cool in the Cold: Golden Puffles are amazing, I have never been oh so impressed!

But it was the last of the multicolored, and I'm not to fond of the rest

The cats and dogs, the noise!

The snowman scares off the boys!

Bunny, raccoon, reindeer too!

Something must be done real soon

Wait, I know! I'll hide them away!

Cats and dogs on different islands, snowmen to Disney

The wild puffle things, shoved them all into trees, oh, oh, oh,

Never again to see day!

Oh man I really hope

They're never found

Club Penguin will crash and burn with them all running around!

Inside of wilderness trees, with just puffle berries, oh, oh, oh,

Never again to see day!

Gary 3000

The Party Starts Now: Visitors from the past were a big hand

We finally defeated Protobot, that old tin can

But as it turns out, the past Proto found out

He decided never to ever attack and then turned and ran

A huge blackhole appeared!

Now it's sucking us in!

There go the Town, Lighthouse and the Docks!

They've made a paradox!

It's a horrific sight!

We would've been better off

Had they not came to fight

I'm being sucked in right now, so I guess that's it

With half our island destroyed, I guess this kinda fits.

They've made a huge pa-a-a-ra-dox!

There go the Town, Lighthouse, and the Docks!

This world is going down

The portal roars loud

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

It's an apocalypse, ow!

Gariwald: I think I've been robbed

Garugg: Our time period was mobbed!

Garinna: I stuff puffles in trees...

Gary 3000: I'm disintegrating!

The End

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