Megg: You sent for me?

Smulley: Yes, come closer.

Megg: Charlie's out...

Smulley: You took his place?

Megg: Yes.

Smulley: Good. Everything is going according to plan.

Megg: ...but-

Smulley: BUT WHAT?!

Megg: I... I think he knows that something is up.

Smulley: Ugh! I knew this what happen!

Megg: So, what are we going to do?

Smulley: The only thing we can do. Dispose of him!

Megg: Okay, so, what's the plan?

Smulley: Shhh.

Megg: Huh?

Smulley: *singing* I know that your skills of infiltration

Are smaller than a newborn pookie

Megg: Hey!

Smulley: But as hard as this is, pay attention

I'm forming a plan as we speak

It's clear from your unsure expressions

You want to be anywhere but here

But we're talking Ruler, even King here!

Don't worry, though, Megg, you'll get your share.

So prepare for the mission of a lifetime

It will make quite a headline on the news!

Many shiny new years-are

Now looking quite clear-er

Megg: And where do I come in?

Smulley: I'll get to that in a min'.

I know it sounds unfair but you'll get your share

When I am finally given my dues!

And this land shall be rightfully mind!

Keep in Mind!

Megg: Keep... Keep what in mind?

Smulley: When Club Penguin is finally under my control, this island will see what it's never seen before- perfection!

Megg: Perfection?

Smulley: My father's plan was to make Club Penguin perfect, devoid of any flaws. For that he tried to get to my idiot brother, since he is apparently quite the perfectionist. And you know what he did? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?!

Megg: Charlie... fought him?

Smulley: He KILLED HIM! Now I shall carry out my father's wishes, but first we must remove that blasted Charlie from the equation.

Megg: Well, last I saw of him he was out riding his jetski with that Frost Bite guy. Around and around. He looked pretty upset, so he probably isn't too into it, making him an easy target.

Smulley: *evil chuckle* Perfect. MY MINIONS! I order you to track down and find Charlies James Baker at once!

  • Smulley's robotic minions suddenly appear*

Minions: YES SIR!

It's great to be closely connected

With a ruler who'll improve on the land

Smulley: Of course, with this duty, you're expected

To get rid of him however you can!

The future has oh so many prizes

And sooner or later, Megg, you'll see

The point that you need to realize is


Megg: Okay, okay!!

So prepare for the takeover of the century

Be prepared for an all new CP!

With my cunning planning, now Charlie they're panning!

There is no denial, for very soon I'll

Be in charge undisputed respected, saluted

And seen as a king- yes, that's me!

Yes, it's finally my time to shine!

Keep in Mind!

Minions: Yes, it's just about time for the grind!

Minions/Smulley: KEEP IN MIND!

Smulley: *evil laugh*

Megg: Okay, so what do you want me to do?!

Smulley: Lead the minions to the Night Club. They'll take it from there.

Megg: And what about Charlie?

Smulley: You said he's out jetskiing?

Megg: Yes...

Smulley: How unfortunate. Because before long, he's going to be met out on the waves- by a Megladon!

Megg: Ohhh... right away, Sir!

Smulley: That a girl! Go get 'em, Megg!

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