After being seperated from her parents, an infant McKenzie is discovered by Mint, a rare seafoam green puffle that wears a bright blue headband who lives with an owner who doesn't give him much attention. He raises McKenzie by sneaking out after he is fed to share his food with her. McKenzie eventually learns English by listening to Mint's owner's speaking.

Mint can't educate McKenzie on his own, so every night he sneaks into the Club Penguin town school and steals a textbook for McKenzie to read overnight, so he can return it in the morning. Because of this, McKenzie learns to sleep during the day and be awake at night. One day, Mint's owner forgets about him all together and the two are forced to run away. For the next few years, they live on the food that Mint recieves by begging at igloo doors.

Eventually, McKenzie becomes smart and confident, but longs more than anything for a friend. On her sixteenth birthday, she informed that Club Penguin is holding a party sponsored by Teen Beach Movie, and need to make a mascot for a character in the movie, also named McKenzie. Because of this, she is forced to assume the role of that McKenzie and work with another penguin named Brady, whom she despises.

Soon after the party, McKenzie meets Charlie and 50 dates later they get married. By now, Mint as grown very old but is still as loyal as ever. Then one day Herbert sends his minions to attack their household. Aided by Wingman, the four fight him and his new mutant monster, MechaClaw, a large and powerful cyborg crab. Charlie finds the clone machine where Herbert creates his minions, surrounds it with TNT, and presses the detonator. McKenzie is thrown on top of it, and is attacked by MechaClaw. At the last second, Mint arrives and bites MechaClaw on the leg, causing him to fall over. Mint holds MechaClaw down and encourages McKenzie to run. She does, and just in time. The explosion is so powerful that it scares Herbert away, kills all the crab minions, MechaClaw, and sadly, Mint as well, leaving behind just his headband.

McKenzie finds the house that she and Mint grew up at, that has been moved out of and destroyed. She buries Mint's headband infront of it, and creates a seafoam green puffle bed that Mint and her used to sleep in for her daughter Grace, and gives her seafoam green clothes, so that Grace will always know that she comes from a tale of friendliness and heroism.

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