Choclate's Charlie Factory is a multi-million candy company, best known for their chocolate based in Club Penguin. Charlie Baker (often referred to as The Chocolate King) is the kind-hearted but rather serious owner of the factory, who has grown tired of doing the same thing every day. One day while inspecting the land around the factory, Charlie comes across a group called the "Crackheads" who have been allegedly selling drugs in a secret lair under and around the factory for years. Angered by this, Charlie presents his findings and his (somewhat limited) understanding of the Crackheads to his employees. They fail to grasp the concept of the Crackheads because they are unfamiliar with drugs (all drugs having been destroyed at the orders of the princess sisters Locy and Lucy long ago). Charlie reluctantly decides to exagerate the Crackheads' wrong-doing, managing to get them on his side and he plans to lead a strike on the Crackhead's base.

Charlie's obsession with the Crackheads leads him to begin acting less like himself, which his other employees begin to notice. Every employee of the factory is assigned a task, as well as three crabs named Klutzy, Kelpto, and Krissy, who are to abduct Barnes, a member of the Crackheads. Against Charlie's wishes and largely for their amusement, they deliver Barnes to Herbert, a drug-addict polar bear who plans to hold Barnes hostage unless the Crackheads agree to give him crack for free (believing that drugs grant one super powers and plans to take over Club Penguin).

The chocolate factory workers charge into the Crackheads' lair and attempt to destroy their base, and in they learn that Charlie lied to them and that the Crackheads really aren't as bad as Charlie said they were. Charlie, depressed, runs away and locks himself in his igloo. With the help of his puffle Wingman, Charlie quickly regains his old spirit, having realized that his true purpose is to bring smiles to peoples faces, and decides that he needs to put things right.

Charlie returns to the Crackheads' base only discover that they have been kidnapped by Herbert. With Wingman's help, Charlie breaks into Herbert's lair and frees the Crackheads, including Barnes. Herbert appears and attempts to kill them all, but Charlie comes up with a plan and convinces the Crackheads to give Herbert all the drugs they have. Herbert consumes them all at once, but overdoses, causing him to explode.

The entire story is then revealed to be a drug-free PSA being pitched to Spike Hike by Klutzy, Kelpto, and Krissy, who angrily rejects.

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