Episode I


It is a period of not-so-civil war in the universe that the planet of CLUB PENGUIN calls home, as galactic dogfights between the Pie Side and the Cake Side are becoming more frequent. Bored with his life in an ad-baring wasteland led by a government that puts the least amount of effort into whatever they do, CHARLIE SKYWALKER, a young penguin with absolutely no fighting experience dreams of the day when he will be able to join in the war raging over his head.

Meanwhile, HELMET SOLO, a wanted smuggler and his sidekick PLUFFY FLUFFY, are on the run from tyrannical crime lord JABBA THE BUTT, bent on getting his revenge on Helmet for stealing his pie. Landing on Club Penguin, they take refuge in a nearby igloo, only to realize that the pie has disappeared. Little do they know that as soon as the pie entered the strange atmosphere of Planet Club Penguin, it has grown anthropomorphic traits and seems to be headed straight for Charlie...

Why is the last part of the song looping like this?!

Episode II


A few years before the birth of Charlie Skywalker, turmoil has engulfed the universe of CLUB PENGUIN and its fellow planets of this galaxy's unique solar system (did I mention that all of the other planets are based on ones from a Disney film? I mean seriously, come on!) Two brave Jedi Knights, representatives of the CAKE SIDE of the galaxy are on their way to meet with a couple of awfully lip-synched racist stereotypes to settle the dispute once and for all of which is the superior pastry- PIE or CAKE.

(Spoiler Alert: It's cake.)

Meanwhile, in the developing civilization of Club Penguin, a young penguin named PAIGE BAKER is preparing for the test of her life- a jetpack race around the entire planet.

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