We see a large warehouse sitting in part of Club Penguin's forest. The words "Charlie's Chocolate Factory" are illuminated above the front door.

'Twas a short time ago, but longer now then it seems, in a place only a handful of penguins really have seen. For to begin this extremely quite important story, we'll begin in a wonderful chocolate factory. Now, you've probably wondered where Club Penguin's candy comes from. If you haven't, I'd say it's time you begun.

We zoom in and enter the factory. Through each of the rooms, we immediately notice that they bear a strong resemblance to the many different rooms of the factory from the movie "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Not only that, but the workers, (all having orange feathers) bear a strong resemblance to Willy Wonka's Oompa-Loompas. As the penguins work, they all sing a song in usion.

Voice: Happy Whatever-Day-It-Is, everyone!

Jay: *grabs chocolate bar off of the assembly line and hands it to the shadow*

Shadow: *eats* Hmm...

Jay: Like it?

Charlie: *steps out of shadow* I love it! Wow, you guys outdid yourself! And you guys call me the best, I've never made anything this goo- *spits something out* Was that cat hair?!

Hailey: Uh, no...

Charlie: Keep up the great work guys, I'm gonna be out for a while. *walks outside*

Jay: Hailey, I can't believe you shed in the chocolate.

Hailey: *extends claws* You got a problem with that?

Jay: Ugh, how many times are you gonna play that card?!

Early next morning...

Charlie: *walks out of the chocolate factory and whistles for his dog puffle, Davis*

Davis: *comes running* Arf!

Charlie: *scratches head* Hey buddy.

Davis: Arf! :D

Charlie: *looks up at statue of Will Wonk, the previous owner of the factory and sighs* Did you ever get bored of doing the same old thing year after year?

Will Wonk: *comes to life* @#$% you, you @#$ @#$ @#$$%, I ain't got no @#$%in' time for ur @#$%.

Charlie: Hey man, I own this land. If I want I could have you recycled into a sidewalk.


Charlie: *puts on earmuffs and walks away smiling*

Charlie waddles further as the sun slowly rises. Davis follows him and starts barking.

Charlie: Oh, alright. *throws Davis' bone* Go get it, boy!

Davis runs after his bone, but doesn't come back

Charlie: ...Davis?!


Jay: Morning everyone. *walks up the stairs to Charlie's office and knocks, but gets no reply* Uh Charlie, the president sent you another death-threat, something about his daughter swallowing a piece of chocolate with a dagger or something in it... *still gets no reply* Charlie? Are you home?! *gets megaphone* CHARLIE GET YOUR FAT @#$% OUT HERE *still nothing* He's not here... he's always here!

Hailey: Maybe he ran off to find Morgan Freeman again.

Jay: But I thought he quit drinking...

Charlie finds Davis chewing on his bone next to a big hole in the ground.

Charlie: Woah! Who or what could have made this? *ignores large illuminated sign reading "CRACKHEADS' BASE"* Hmm... *peers into hole, sees nothing, and shrugs*

Davis: Arf! *accidentally drops bone down hole and begins to whimper*

Charlie: Shhh, shhh, don't worry buddy, I'll get it. *gulps and slowly tries to climb into hole, not realizing how deep it is* Oh crap... *falls* WOOOOOAAAHH

Davis: ARF! *jumps after*

Charlie lands on a big pile of white powder. *he scoops up a little with his hand and tastes it* Wow, this stuff isn't half bad!

Davis: *lands on* Arf? *licks power, but immediately spits it out*

Charlie: What is this? *falls down pile and ends up in the center of a ginormous dimly-lit underground factory* Woah...

Davis: *slides down and joins him* Arf?

Charlie: *tastes some more* This stuff is great! Whatever it is, I've got to figure out how to make it! *sees box on conveyor belt* "Crack", huh? Never heard of it. *tastes more* But I love it! I suppose whoever runs this place wouldn't mind if I took a sample or too... *sees door reading "Elevator to Surface"* Hmmm...

Davis: *hops onto Charlie's shoulder, having found his bone* Arf! :D

Charlie: *picks up box and runs to elevator* SEEYA MOTHAFLUFFAHSSSSS- what the?

A door on the opposite wall opens, and a long shadow is cast into the factory.

Charlie: *hides behind machine and watches* Hmmmm...

Jay: *sits in office watching Doctor Why* Geez, what's taking the guy so long?

Charlie: *comes through walkie-talkie* Jay, would you mind gathering the North side of the factory for me in a minute?

Jay: Finally! What for?

Charlie: I'm holding a meeting about a new product idea.

Jay: When?

Charlie: IMMEDIATEL- oh sorry I had the volume turned up real loud.

In the meeting room...

Charlie: Listen everyone! I'm going to tell you about a place called... the Crackheads' Lair!

Charlie explains what the factory looked like and how it produces...

Charlie: ...a strange substance called... CRACKAINE!!

Hailey: Crackaine? Ain't nobody got time for dat *makes Yao Ming face*

Charlie: Hang on, I'll show you! *opens box and spills it onto the table*

Penguin: It looks like snow.

Jay: Or baking soda.

Hailey: Or last night's nightmare.

Everyone looks at Hailey

Hailey: What?

Charlie: Try it, it's edible!

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