episode19- after learning about the disappearance of several club penguin mascots the team travels by airplane to the Mech Mice's domain and ends up freeing Herbert from the internet hub

episode20- the group meets with the mech mice who give them a temporary home in the mice colony but find out that something sinister is going on behind their back

episode21- the penguins decide to leave the colony only to find that wingman has been brainwashed by the mech mice and is now blindly following their orders

episode22- the mice manage to take control of rookie who tricks Charlie kris and gracie into getting captured

episode23- Charlie gracie and kris discover that the mice's plan is to conquer and destroy club penguin as revenge for being constantly disrespected by the cp community, gracie doesn't escape and gets hypnotized as well

episode 24- Charlie and kris return to the mech mice base to rescue gracie, face off with Victoria that ends in Charlie becoming hypnotized as well, kris manages to turn mice against Victoria and dehypnotize Charlie gracie rookie and wingman, make peace with mech mice only to set an explosive in their base

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