Smulley: Well, well, well, I must admit

I admire you courage, I do

However I cannot honestly say

That I can I get let you make it through.

Wingman: I wouldn't be so sure of that, your scheme was bound to fail.

It's over, you won't stop us, and your next stop will be jail!

Smulley: They mock me. They fight me. I can't decide which they do worse!

I'd love to stay around and chat, but I've already arranged your hearse.

Wingman: What's that, a joke? I'm not impressed. Your rhymes could use some work.

I'd love to chat as well, right after I beat this jerk.

Smulley: How feeble! How childish! Is that the best you got?

You think that you're a hero, Wingman. But I think you are not. *troll face*

Wingman: Bring it on, you bucket of bolts! Give me all you got!

We've got all the time in the world right now, I'll tie you up in knots!

Smulley: How cute, you really think that you can win against me?!

You may being feeling confident now, but soon enough you'll agree!

Even if you catch me, you'll never do me in!

I'm a mastermind and bigger than you, which means that I will win!

Wingman: It's over! You're finished! You'll never get away!

You, the ruler of our home? That'll be the day!

You've ruined one universe to many, and you won't touch anymore!

This isn't the day of my defeat, no, it's the day of yours!!

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