Charlie the Penguin: In Real Life

Part 1Edit

In Christmas of 2011, Charlie the Penguin created his first Wikia account. Except, at the time he wasn't known as Charlie the Penguin. He was simply Ryan, a young boy who had a great life in Portland, Oregon, but foolishly took it for granted. Ryan had many friends at his big elementary school, and a large family that all lived in the same state. He was addicted to everything that had to do with Angry Birds, and so he joined the Angry Birds Wiki. Life was great until along came May of 2012. Ryan's father was promoted to a job in Arizona, and so Ryan was forced to move away from his friends and family. Just a few weeks before the move, Ryan's friend's dad, who had mental issues, tried to kill himself and his family by releasing toxic gas into their home. He failed, but was arrested for life. And if that wasn't enough for a 10-year old to take in, right before they moved, Ryan'a grandfather, who lived in the same neighborhood and he was very close to had a heart attack, and Ryan'a family ran out of their Oregon house for the last time in a panic to get to the hospital, where his grandfather unfortunately passed away. These events scarred Ryan, causing him to become less optimistic and outgoing.

Not long afterwards, he discovered the fanon Angry Birds Stories Wiki, where he donned the name "Ryan [the] Yellow Bird" after his favorite Angry Birds character. He wrote many stories and created many character on there, but looking back on them today, he would just find them weird and childish, as his writing style has improved drastically since then. Angry Birds Stories formed into a small community, but didn't last very long. For some reason, users from the Club Penguin wiki didn't like Daniel, the owner of ABS and kept an eye on the wiki. Ryan hadn't known that there was a Club Penguin wiki, so he decided to check it out. He quickly became addicted to it and slowly drifted away from the Angry Birds wikis as they slowly died down.

One day, Ryan was on the Club Penguin Wiki chat when he came across a few users discussing the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. After expressing his extreme dislike towards the show, he quickly discovered that many of the users on the Club Penguin Wiki were bronies, and he had apparently violated Club Penguin Wiki's chat policy. Ryan quickly fled from chat before anything else happened, never to return on that account. He decided to switch to his backup account, Charlie T. Penguin (named after his Club Penguin account, Charlie72971) and renamed it "Charlie the Penguin" to avoid suspicion.

Part 2Edit

Not long afterwards, Charlie managed to find a friend in a user named TraGiggles, (at the time known as Tralala12345) after defending him from a few mean users in chat. Charlie and Tra talked with each other often, but Charlie couldn't help but notice how Tra had long "away" periods. Then one unfortunate day, Charlie was stunned to learn that Tra had been blocked from Club Penguin Wiki after making the mistake of revealing to the user SugarPenguin12 that he was underage. With his only true wiki friend gone, Charlie began to contemplate quitting.

Thankfully, Charlie's luck changed just in time when a user in CPW chat private messaged him that Tra was on chat on a secret wiki. After getting permission from the wiki's owner, PixieLil, they gave Charlie the link that would finally turn his life (his Wikia life, that is) around.

Okay, I'm done talking in third-person now. So anyways, that's how I discovered the PSA! It was near the end of Summer Vacation for me, and I didn't exactly have any friends. Little did I know at the time that by clicking that link in chat, I was about to meet who would be my best friends a whole year later. When I first found the wiki, for some reason I was only seen in the Chocolate Factory (or as it was called at the time, the Coffee Break Room). I honestly don't know why I didn't do anything on the wiki sooner, and I regret that, because now I'll never know what the date I actually joined on is. However, today was the day I made my very first edit last year, so I consider this to be my wikiversary.

Part 3Edit

When I first created the character of Charlie, he was a teenager that liked cake and was distracted easily. That's about it. After realizing that he wasn't a very interesting character, I thought up a backstory of how Charlie was found by the lighthouse by Paige, who then proceeded to raise him. Then I found out that Helmet had married Paige and that he was suddenly my father. That was kind of awkward. It's all good now, though, because Helmet is a great virtual dad! :P man that sounded creepy

Something important about Charlie's character is that he loves puffles, so I knew I wanted him to have some sort of puffle sidekick. Recently, the Rainbow Puffle had came out, and I had instantly decided them to be my favorite puffle species. And so, Wingman, my rainbow puffle who I got only a few months older became a reoccuring character who was often seen sitting on my shoulder. 

Shortly after joining roleplay, I noticed that Charlie was one of the only few characters that wasn't married. I knew I wanted him to marry someone eventually, but Paige was his mother, he didn't like Cadence that much, Rocky was too generic, and CeCe was too boring. I would probably just have created a female character, except that I'm not good at coming up with names, and that I can't make very good customs anyways. Then, it late August, the TBM Summer Jam party was announced on Club Penguin. I was looking on CPW one day at the the articles for the two new mascots. I thought Brady was oddly-designed, but when I looked at McKenzie, I could almost feel the lightbulb go on in my head. I'll admit it- I thought she was cute. Of course, I wasn't attracted to her or anything, that would be weird. I just thought she looked cute. Knowing that no one else would claim her since Brady was supposed to be her boyfriend, I grabbed the opportunity and wrote a backstory of how McKenzie and Brady where aware that they were only created to raise awareness for a movie, and that they didn't actually have a relationship. Then after Charlie saved McKenize from an attack by Tusk the walrus, they began a relationship and eventually got married, but that's another story (Helmet will get that joke). ==== Part 4==== In November 2013, while Pixie was on a long break away from the wiki, I was elected vice-director and have held that role ever since. However, I quickly realized that no one seemed to like me in that role, despite the fact that they voted for me. One day a couple of users accused me of being vain and not making my character realistic enough. That really hurt. Sometimes I wonder if I should even stay vice-director, I'd rather be liked then high-ranked. Thank you to my true friends though, for sticking by me all this time. 

Over the past year, a lot has happened. I've found an amazing fanon wiki, become part of the most epic division of the CP fanbase ever, and most importantly, I've made many great friends in all of you. Making friends in AZ has been tough, so it's nice to have some here, even if I'll probably never see any of you in real life (that would be very cool though :P). While my parents may never understand it, I need this wiki. That probably sounds ridiculous to all of you, too. There are times when my mom will get mad at me for being on there and tells me that I have no life. I just wish I could tell her about this place. Oh well. Thank you for making this year on the PSA wiki great, and here's to another!

Special Thanks * User:PixieLil * [[User:CitronFire]] * User:Helmetpig2014 *User:3.14159265359 * User: Eaglesrule8 * [[User:P

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